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Pumps for Edema, Lymphedema, and Lipedema

Leg and arm pumps go by many names...

pneumatic compression pumps, lymphedema pumps, edema pumps, and more.

If you have lower extremity chronic venous insufficiency, edema, lymphedema, or a related condition, you may be interested in using a pump as part of your treatment. Lympha Press® offers a variety of innovative compression devices with garments that provide consistent and comfortable therapy for the lower limbs.

Common names for leg pumps include:

  • Compression machine for lymphedema
  • Compression pumps for legs
  • Leg compression machine for lymphedema
  • Leg pumps for edema
  • Lymphedema compression pump
  • Lymphedema machine
  • Lymphedema pump
  • Lymphedema pump for legs
  • Lymphedema pumps for home use
  • Lymphedema pumps pneumatic compression devices
  • Pneumatic compression device for lymphedema

What are the Benefits of Leg Pumps?

Leg pumps bring big benefits for people whose treatment includes moving fluids in the legs, stimulating lymph drainage, and relieving pain and discomfort. Here are the major benefits of pneumatic compression devices:

  • Stimulating blood and fluid movement
  • Relieving pain
  • Preventing numbness
  • Providing consistent treatment
  • Ease of use
  • Non-invasive solution
  • Feels relaxing
  • Minimal side effects
  • May meet criteria for Medicare reimbursement

How Does a Lymphedema Pump Help Treat Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that begins with mild swelling and progresses to severe swelling, skin changes, infections, and irreversible complications. The gold standard of lymphedema treatment is a combination of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and a compression machine for lymphedema. MLD is typically performed by a specially-trained lymphedema therapist in a medical environment.

However, leg compression can be done at home and is quite effective because it reduces swelling and encourages the movement of lymph fluids on a daily basis. Lymphedema pumps for home use are intended to be an extension of your physician’s care, allowing you to experience consistent long-term treatment in the comfort of your home. Pumps such as a lymphedema pump for legs and a lymphedema pump for arms not only relieves your existing condition but prevents it from becoming worse.

A pneumatic compression device for lymphedema consists of an air pump and a sleeve that fits over your extremity, typically your legs or arms. As air pressure is applied by the device, your limb experiences gentle changes in fluid movement for an overall therapeutic benefit.

What are the Benefits of Leg Pumps for Edema?

If you have not been diagnosed with lymphedema but have been diagnosed with edema, you may also find relief from a leg pump. For mild cases of edema, doctors often recommend compression stockings. For more advanced cases, the use of stockings may be combined with leg pumps for edema.

It’s actually quite enjoyable to use a leg pump while watching TV, reading a book, or doing other quiet activities as you allow the pneumatic compression device to do its work. In fact, many people find it so relaxing and beneficial that they look forward to their “pump time” each day.

Always consult your doctor before beginning the use of compression pumps for legs or arms. Your doctor will help you understand how to use the device, how often to use it and any cautions that are unique to your individual medical situation.

Do Leg Pumps Really Work?

Leg compression machines are proven to work, based on scientific studies and feedback from doctors around the world. In fact, if you’d like to see some of the latest research, take a look at our blog , which contains fascinating input from thought leaders and medical experts studying lymphedema and related conditions.

Patients who use compression devices on a regular basis find immense relief. Billy Ledbetter of Green Cove Springs, Florida, suffered from leg swelling for a very long time before trying a compression pump. He was surprised at how effective it was during the first short treatment.

“After the first 20 minutes there was a noticeable difference in the size of my legs,” he explained. “I was amazed because I didn’t think anything would ever help.” Ledbetter reports that the pain in his legs improved significantly and his foot sores even healed

How Do Arm Pumps Work?

An arm compression pump for arm lymphedema works similarly to a leg pump to provide fluid movement and relief. When you use a lymphedema pump for arm conditions, it fits like a sleeve on your body and you can sit comfortably while it does its work.

The ComfySleeve™ can be used to treat the arm as well as the chest, shoulder, back, and abdomen. It can be carefully calibrated to use the right pressure no matter the area of the body or the condition you have – edema, lymphedema, fibrosis, or sensitive areas from recent medical procedures.

In fact, all of the leg and arm treatments described above for designed for comfort, good hygiene, and durability. They’re easy to clean and easy to pack for traveling so you can manage your condition as part of your lifestyle.

Pumps for Lipedema

Lipedema is a specific type of lymphatic and connective tissue condition that primarily afflicts women. It’s characterized by swelling in the legs and arms (and very rarely, other regions) as a result of overgrown and excessive fat storage cells in the skin called adipocytes. 

Other symptoms of lipedema include easy bruising and tenderness of the impacted tissue.

The cause of lipedema is unknown, though some experts believe it is related to hormonal fluctuations associated with puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Unfortunately, because so much mystery clouds the condition, it is rarely predictable or preventable — though its progression can be slowed if diagnosed in its early stages. This can be difficult, though, because fat cells have a somewhat liquid consistency — lipedema is often misdiagnosed as other fluid retention conditions.

Compression therapy is one of the most effective treatments for lipedema. Many patients find pneumatic pumps to be one of the most helpful options. Like lymphatic drainage massages, pneumatic compression works by pushing the fluids back toward the center of your body. Experts note that Lympha Press is particularly effective at addressing the fibrosis associated with lipedema and the Lympha Press Optimal Plus is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of lipedema in the United States. Especially ideal for patients who often have difficulty making the trip to their physician’s office, this at-home therapy includes easy-to-use garments that attach to the compression pump.

For More Information

To see how leg and arm pumps are helping people cope with their conditions and finally find relief, read more testimonials from people who have used the Lympha Press® Optimal® Plus,  Lympha Pants™,  ComfySleeve™, and other products from Lympha Press.

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