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About Us

A culture that cares.

For over 40 years, Lympha Press has been the global leader in pneumatic compression therapy.

Our Story

The story of Lympha Press in the United States is rich with history and long-held relationships. A shared vision to make life better for people with lymphedema, venous disease, and lipedema culminated in the acquisition of Lympha Press’ largest US dealer in 2021, Medical Solutions Supplier (MSS).

MSS is an award-winning durable medical equipment company and flagship member of the Lympha Press Associate Network. Founded nearly 30 years ago, MSS’ track record of success in providing optimal service to patients and healthcare providers set a standard of excellence in the regions it served.

Today, Lympha Press operations are based in Chadds Ford, PA. Our primarily remote workforce is comprised of team members located throughout the country.

The vast research, development, and innovation poured into the Lympha Press product line combined with a seasoned team of sales, service, and authorization experts positions Lympha Press to make more lives better than ever before.

Joe Carberry
Chief Executive Officer

Communication. Care. Quality.

These pillars help us fulfill our mission: “Because Life Can Be Better.”


We believe that good communication is the foundation for excellent relationships. Before, during, and even after providing Lympha Press to patients, we keep everyone informed. One of our favorite ways to fulfill this promise? Going back to a doctor or therapist with success stories of lives made better through Lympha Press therapy.


We love our patients and treat them with the same care as we would our own family members. Because of this culture of care, the medical professionals we work with are happy to entrust their patients to us.


For over 40 years, Lympha Press has produced the most well-regarded dynamic compression therapy systems and helped patients all over the world with lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and lipedema manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

Our Core Values

The Lympha Press “SCRIP” Core Values are central to our award-winning workplace culture, and are comprised of five guideposts:

Our open-door policy welcomes the free flow of ideas. Team members are encouraged to not only identify issues but also to suggest solutions. Rather than finger-pointing, we value critical thinking that evaluates processes, not people. We are a team: if we don’t have an answer, we seek help. Offering solutions, whether for our clients or the person in the adjacent cubicle (or Zoom meeting), trips our joy circuits.

We believe kindness is wrapped up in gratitude. Along with treating others with respect and dignity, we believe in expressing appreciation to our patients, referral sources and each other. Simply put, we are fans of the Golden Rule, and our team has permission to “Go ahead – make someone’s day!” 

Our workplace is an invigorating environment where team members are encouraged to challenge themselves and aspire to grow, to realize their power and be visionary in their approach to work. We know firsthand the value of dreaming big; because of it, we’re helping more people than ever before. When people have shared values and believe in offering quality and excellence to everyone they meet, the possibilities are endless. As we like to say: “Ceiling? What ceiling?”

The dictionary states that, when you are inspired, you are mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Above all, an inspired person often feels compelled to be different and do better than they currently are. When working closely together as a team, it is inevitable that we affect each other. At Lympha Press, we applaud those that use their influence for good, who make us excited about doing more and better work (and being better people). One of the ways Lympha Press lives this core value is to share testimonies of success. Good news inspires us to help even more people, which is our primary goal. And when patients see others like them living a better quality of life because of Lympha Press? That’s inspiring!  

Our Company was founded with a commitment to “always do the right thing,” and this core value impacts every aspect of our business. Whether you are a patient searching for help with a chronic condition or a health care professional seeking solutions to address patient challenges, you can be assured that each representative will provide assistance with integrity, professionalism, and respect. We encourage our team to practice fairness, to put others first, to work hard, and to not cut corners. Employees are empowered to exercise their integrity – and to expect more from themselves than they do of others. At the heart of doing the right thing, always, is to “Put People First.”

Meet Our Executive Team

Our executive team leads the organization with depth and diversity of experience combined with a shared vision to make life better.


Find your opportunity...

Lympha Press is always looking for great people. If you would like to be considered for a position with us, please fill out the form and send us a letter of interest along with your resume.

Statement on Affirmative Action

We are committed to creating and maintaining equal employment opportunities for both applicants and employees to protect the rights of each person in all personnel activities, including recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and promotion. We support diversity and inclusion of all applicants and employees to blend diversity into a harmonious work environment. All employment decisions are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, medical condition, gender, age, protected veteran status, or disability.

The overall responsibility for our Affirmative Action Program rests with the Vice President of People and Mindset. While company managers and supervisors are responsible for maintaining a work environment free from discrimination, employees share the responsibility for mutual understanding and a spirit of cooperation with the company’s Affirmative Action Program initiatives.

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