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Linda Anne Kahn discusses the fascia and explains how trauma is stored in the tissues. The talk also explores the connection between the heart, the brain, and the vagus nerve and identifies how it relates to Dercum’s disease, lipedema, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, dysautonomia, and mast cell activation syndrome.
In this exciting and research-oriented talk with Linda-Anne Kahn, we explore mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and the symptoms associated with MCAS.
It was a boo-tiful night to talk about ⁠lipedema⁠, especially since Linda Anne Kahn had recently returned from ⁠the Lipedema World Congress⁠ in Germany. Special guest Dr. Molly Sleigh also joined the panel with takeaways from her time at ⁠the National Lymphedema Network⁠ Conference in Philadelphia.
Lipedema therapies including massage guns, aromatherapy, and of course, the Optimal Plus by Lympha Press are discussed by experts.
“It hurts how people look at me.” This comment served as a jumping-off point for an hour-long conversation devoted to mental health at the Lipedema Patient Roundtable.
At the April Lipedema Patient Roundtable, host Brenda Viola and Angelique Charles “zoomed” from ⁠the Fat Disorders Resource Society Conference⁠ in St. Louis, Missouri, where the next few days focused on the latest research and breakthroughs in fat disorders.
The importance of community took center stage in this Friendsgiving episode of the Lipedema Patient Roundtable, and the hour flew by even quicker than usual with closing thoughts of Thanksgiving and expressions of gratitude.
The anchors at the September Lipedema Patient Roundtable were joined by special guests Noah Danesh, MPH, of Total Lipedema Care, and Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT, for an exceptional evening of education and inspiration!
This episode of the Lipedema Patient Roundtable was as hot as the month of August! Our anchor panelists have made waves since we last gathered.
Two new hashtags were birthed following the July Lipedema Patient Roundtable: #DoTheThing and #WearTheThing. The message? Don’t talk yourself out of trying something new for fear of what other people will think.

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