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Body positivity advocate Cara Cruz has inspired thousands with her lipedema story. Read about her journey from an unexpected diagnosis to seven surgeries.
Curious about central lymphatics? Thinking about thoracic ducts? Watch as Dr. Stephen J. Kovach, III, discusses central lymphatic surgery.
“It hurts how people look at me.” This comment served as a jumping-off point for an hour-long conversation devoted to mental health at the Lipedema Patient Roundtable.
With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, the conversation at the Lymphedema Patient Roundtable focused on the intersections of mental, emotional, and physical health when living with lymphedema.
At the April Lipedema Patient Roundtable, host Brenda Viola and Angelique Charles “zoomed” from ⁠the Fat Disorders Resource Society Conference⁠ in St. Louis, Missouri, where the next few days focused on the latest research and breakthroughs in fat disorders.
Lymphedema affects all areas of life, including mental health. Learn about the mental health impacts of living with lymphedema and get tips for coping.
Spring has sprung, and the April Lymphedema Patient Roundtable was blooming with conversation around themes of community and support!
Louisa Boyd, OTR/CLT-LANA, presents science and research in four different negative pressure manual therapy techniques.
Oh, the places you will go with lymphedema and lipedema! Karen Ashforth and a panel of expert patient travelers discuss the ins and outs of preparing to travel, what to pack to manage swelling, and so much more.
Lymphedema and vein conditions often go hand in hand. A venous disease expert explains why these conditions occur together and what you can do to slow their progression.

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