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Every lipedema patient needs a variety of tools to effectively manage their condition, and for many, new options offer new hope.
From GLP-1 drugs and surgical treatments to getting the courage to wear compression garments in public, it was conversational fireworks at the July Lymphedema Patient Roundtable!
Explore clinical evidence in over thirty peer-reviewed publications. View studies on Lympha Press activating the lymphatics using near-infrared imaging.
Brittany Williams’s determination to get treatment for her daughter’s lymphedema sparked the creation of a pediatric lymphedema nonprofit, summer camp, and for-profit.
The June 2024 Lipedema Patient Roundtable marked the fourth anniversary of the online gathering. To celebrate, anchor panelists invited their favorite “chatters” to join them for the conversation — and celebration — this Lipedema Awareness Month.
Whether you live with lipedema, treat people who have it, or never even heard the word before: You’re bound to learn something new from Dr. Herbst’s presentation!
June is Lipedema Awareness Month, and the Lymphedema Patient Roundtable spent the hour highlighting this often-painful disease estimated to affect up to 11% of women worldwide.
Body positivity advocate Cara Cruz has inspired thousands with her lipedema story. Read about her journey from an unexpected diagnosis to seven surgeries.
Curious about central lymphatics? Thinking about thoracic ducts? Watch as Dr. Stephen J. Kovach, III, discusses central lymphatic surgery.
“It hurts how people look at me.” This comment served as a jumping-off point for an hour-long conversation devoted to mental health at the Lipedema Patient Roundtable.

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