FL Sleeve

Fully adjustable for a perfect fit

FL Sleeve

Fully adjustable for a perfect fit

Easy to put on. Easy to take off.

Finding a therapy protocol that works for your condition and lifestyle can be difficult. Worn just like a pair of boots, the Lympha Press® FL Sleeves meet your need for effective and user-friendly therapy in the comfort of home.

FL Adjustable Leg Garment

Lympha Press® leg sleeves are designed for comfortable, effective treatment of the entire leg, foot, and ankle areas.

  • Designed for ease-of-use.
  • Wide selection of standard sizes.
  • Specially designed chambers create a conforming fit with air.
  • Fully adjustable with hook-and-loop fasteners for a perfect fit.
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Key Features

Use with the Optimal Plus.

The Optimal Plus™ provides proven therapy tailored to your condition.

Effective management of chronic lymphedema and lipedema can be as varied as those that live with it. Our clinically proven, easy-to-use therapy is built for changes in condition and changes in life. This flexibility in therapy results in a higher rate of use.

Control and configure your therapy using our easy-to-use treatment app.

App available for Android, iPhone, and tablets.

Built for real life. Yours.

See how Lympha Press at-home therapy systems help patients manage their condition.