4 Chamber
Arm Sleeve

Treats the entire arm and shoulder

4 Chamber
Arm Sleeve

Treats the entire arm and shoulder

Upper body therapy that’s
easy to live with.

This garment simplifies treatment for postmastectomy lymphedema, providing effective therapy for arm and shoulder lymphedema.

Easy to fasten. Easy to clean.

  • Lympha Press® Arm Sleeve treats the entire arm and shoulder.
  • Four overlapping chambers make treatment comfortable and easy.
  • Inflate to fit technology molds the garment to the limb as it fills with air.
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Key Features

Simplifying treatment for postmastectomy lymphedema.

80-90% of women who will develop lymphedema do so within three years of breast cancer treatment.*

*Source: breastcancer.org

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Use with our PCD-51 or
PCD-52 Pumps.

PCD-51™ Analog Pump

A compact, user-friendly, sequential system with adjustable pressure and time designed for quality home treatment. Utilizing Lympha Press® Smart Technology™, the PCD-51™ is capable of treating two limbs simultaneously.

PCD-52™ Digital Pump

A multizone, sequential gradient pump that offers a battery for portability and advanced Smart Technology™ for patient-specific therapy.

Built for real life. Yours.

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