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Since using the Lympha Press, my legs are less painful and less swollen, and surprisingly, I am sleeping much better! Your whole team was fantastic.
Jenny B.
Beverly, MA
The pump has helped me tremendously. My legs are no longer "weeping" fluid through my skin. I am able to wear my normal shoes again and have less knee joint pain. Thank you!
William W.
Watkinsville, GA
This works great. It's not hard to put on and easy to take off; I wish I knew about this therapy a long time ago. It's the best equipment to have for fluid in your legs.
William G.
Flint, MI
This is a godsend to people in my condition. I got results on the first and every use. Where have they been hiding this great device?
William E.
Bay City, MI
The pneumatic compression pump has been extremely helpful in relieving my symptoms. I use it 2 or 3 times daily and look forward to every one-hour session. I even take it on road trips away from my home.
William B.
Palm Bay, FL
Lympha Press has been great to work with. My patients have been consistently happy with their pumps. I have seen greatly improved quality of life for patients who are able to walk easier and their wounds have improved with their lymphedema pump.
Wendy McKee, RN
Wooster Community Hospital Wound Healing Center, Wooster, OH
The compression pump is a tremendous help to me. After using twice a day, I feel a great relief in my legs. They are reduced in size almost half and the less weight in my legs allows me to walk much better and safer. I find myself tripping less also! Thank you so much for your help!
Walter Z.
Windermere, FL
The machine is helping me. I could only walk about 1,000 steps a day. I am now walking about 4,000 steps a day.
Walter L.
Millville, NJ
Having wraps on my both legs was very tiring. This machine is the answer to my problems with lymphedema. Thanks for helping me!
Vernon E.
Jacksonville, FL
Eight months after major surgery I still had major swelling in my legs. Medicines and therapies were not helping at all. Finally got the Lympha Press pump and after one month of daily treatments my legs have almost returned to normal. This has been a blessing! This pump gives remarkable results!
Thomas S.
Charleston, SC
My ability to walk without my knee or ankle hurting has improved. The swelling has also subsided. It is easier to put on my shoes and/or compression hose.
Theresa M.
Richardson, TX
This pump is amazing. My leg is so much better. I wish I had it a long time ago. I could barely walk, my leg was so swollen and painful. Now it's so much better.
Susan H.
Newnan, GA
After being in the hospital with COVID, my legs were swollen like I have never seen before because of my lymphedema. I went to therapy for several weeks, which brought my swelling down some. My therapist requested that my doctor put in an order for a lymphedema pump. Since having the Lympha Press pump, it has helped immensely in reducing the swelling in my legs. I could have used one years ago when I was first diagnosed with lymphedema.
Stephen M.
Jacksonville, FL
I have used the lymphedema pump, as prescribed, for 7 weeks and found it to significantly stop the pain and swelling I had been experiencing. The machine is not complicated to use; I can set it up by myself and use it in the privacy of my home on my own personal time schedule.
Stanley S.
Kinnelon, NJ
I absolutely love this machine! It makes my legs feel so much better and the swelling is definitely going down.
Sonya N.
Bloomington, IL
I have had a very successful experience with the Lympha Press product as well as all of the personnel. I highly recommend the Lympha Press for the reduction of lymphedema.
Sidney W.
Kendalia, TX
I’ve seen significant swelling reduction and wish someone would have recommended this for me years ago. I had a lot of stiffness in my knees for many years that I thought was arthritis, but since starting on the Optimal Plus I feel a lot of relief and more free.
Sharlene S.
Springdale, OH
The Lympha Pod is a game-changer; my new best friend! Fighting lymphedema? This is going to help me fight and win this battle.
Sean M.
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