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Movement of lymph during pneumatic compression treatment in lymphedema subjects visualized by near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging

This groundbreaking study is the first to demonstrate the direct effect of pneumatic compression on lymphatic function in lymphedema-affected extremities and showed how Lympha Press® stimulated lymph vessel uptake and transport in “real time” during a treatment session.


PUBLICATION: M.B. Aldrich, J.C. Rasmussen, A. Ben Noon, J.R. Morrow, K. Ashforth, B. Crews, C.E. Fife. World Congress of Lymphology, San Francisco CA, September 2015. Abstract.

STUDY SIZE:  4 patients

The effect of Lympha Press® in the affected legs of patients with lymphedema was visualized using near infrared fluorescence imaging, clear Lympha Press leg sleeves, and Lympha Pants® with clear windows. Lympha Press treatment increased lymphatic function during and after single PCT sessions in all the lymphedema affected limbs, as well as in the unaffected limbs. The pulsation of lymphatic vessels was increased significantly during and after treatment from baseline. In all patients, distal to proximal transport was observed. In one patient, pulsation of the vessels was observed in synchronization with the Lympha Press inflation/deflation cycle, demonstrating the direct effect of Lympha Press treatment on the transport activity of the lymphatic vessels. Measurements taken before and after a single one- hour treatment session showed significant reduction in swelling of the affected extremity in all patients, further demonstrating that treatment increased lymph flow and decongested the affected areas. 

CONCLUSION: Near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging, together with clear Lympha Press garments, proved that Lympha Press® significantly increased lymphatic function and transport in the affected extremities of lymphedema patients, both during and immediately after treatment.