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For over forty years, Lympha Press dynamic compression therapy systems have helped patients all over the world deal with lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, wounds, and lipedema. We’re the number one global brand in pneumatic compression for many reasons, including proven clinical evidence in over thirty peer-reviewed publications.

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The use of a Peripheral Calibrated Gradient Compression Pump for the Treatment of Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers

Patel M, Pesek E, Lantis JC II. Presented at Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, Spring, May 2019, San Antonio TX USA.
Patients with chronic venous stasis ulcers were treated with Lympha Press® PCD-51™ and multilayer bandaging, at home for eight weeks. All five patients were compliant with the treatment and showed reduction of edema, reduced wound size, odor, pain, and exudate. Four of the five patients had complete wound healing.

Severe lymphedema of the arm as a potential cause of shoulder trauma

R. Avrahami, E. Gabbay, B. Bsharah, M. Haddad, A. Koren, J. Dahn, A. Zelikovski. (2004) Lymphology, 37, 202-205.
Patients with severe lymphedema and shoulder pain were treated with Lympha Press® and in-clinic MLD. Treatment decreased arm volume by an average of 170 ml, improved arm mobility and dramatically reduced pain.

Evaluation of sequential intermittent pneumatic compression for filarial lymphedema

Natl Med J India. 2002 Jul-Aug;15(4):192-4. Manjula Y, Kate V, Ananthakrishnan N.
Lympha Press® treatment effectively reduced severe lymphedema caused by lymphatic filariasis, and significantly reduced the incidence of adenolymphangitis in these patients. The effect was not maintained after treatment was discontinued, indicating the need for ongoing therapy.
Lymph Manual Drainage

A randomized study comparing manual lymph drainage with sequential pneumatic compression for treatment of postoperative arm lymphedema

K. Johansson, E. Lie, C. Ekdahl, J. Lindfelt. Department of Physical Therapy and Department of Surgery, University Hospital, Lund, Sweden., (1998) Lymphology, 31, 56-64.
This randomized trial compared Lympha Press® to MLD performed in-clinic. Lympha Press® and MLD were equally effective at reducing swelling. (Study funded by research grants from the Cancer Foundation of Sweden).

Long-term results of compression treatment for lymphedema

C.J. Pappas, MD, and T.F. O’Donnell Jr., MD, FACS. (1992) Journal of Vascular Surgery, 16, 555-564.
This study in a group of 49 patients showed that treatment of lymphedema with Lympha Press® and compression stockings was associated with long-term maintenance of reduced limb girth in 90% of patients.

Home therapy for lymphedema

A. McLeod, (1989) Home Health Care, Summer, 18-19.
This clinical report describes successful home therapy with Lympha Press® pneumatic compression, exercise, compression, and education, maintaining a 2-year circumferential reduction of 23%