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Driven by curiosity her entire life, Karen Herbst was fascinated with the idea of fat since childhood. Now the leading authority on lipedema, she’s motivated to “figure it out – faster” because her core mission is to help people.
Dr. Karen Herbst presents research supporting the theory that lipedema is caused by subclinical compartment syndrome.
Dr. Karen Herbst explores theories on why inflammation is present in lipedema tissue and what patients can do to quench this “fire.”
Lympha Press, the global leader in pneumatic compression therapy for treatment of lymphedema and chronic venous disease, has announced the appointment of Dr. Karen Herbst as Chief Medical Officer.
“Love is the greatest ingredient in healing.” That’s just one of the gems from this insightful interview with Karen Ashforth, presented by the Lympha Press Leadership Series.
Lipedema puts a strain on the body and may lead to psychosocial distress, loss of mobility and quality of life.
Lipedema therapies including massage guns, aromatherapy, and of course, the Optimal Plus by Lympha Press are discussed by experts.
Compression, compression, compression! The main flow of conversation revolved around this all-important component of lipedema (and lymphedema) management.
The spirit of the season was evident at the December Lipedema Patient Roundtable, and the gifts of encouragement and insight were plentiful.
Dr. Herbst shares the evidence and clinical applications for her new theory on the relationship between lipedema and subclinical compartment syndrome.

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